Saturday, 16 February 2013

Best man in the world

I love you the world Jeffery for all your effort ... for a whole year and more you have been hosting this radio station just for me and although I guessed I only properly realised today the extent of the effort you put in and I really am one lucky girl... thank you baby I love you the world... you are my sugar lump and my eyerything baby... forever more I will make you a happy man sunshine... everyday you will be a proud husband and me be good wifey and make you breakfast in bed... mmm radio station and live music specially made for the ocasion

I Will Always Love You

baby this is my song to you my loveee..... though i am staying though thats the difference though I love whitney houston yess honey... bless you dear ... all my love .... i will always love you sunshine Jeffery Robbins ... and its not good bye either though I really love the songg he he .... so here you go babesss... I will always love youuuu and for my Angel Gracie too I will always love you xxx

True love

Thank you for saying this is our song baby as I do adore it sunshine and its how I feel about you tooo babbyyy ... love you sunshine xxxx

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Pink Lady spray from Jerry the Jester xxx

From my love x

One day be my a thousand days to me..

if i was king for just one day I would give it allll awayyy
I would give allll just to know this day is mine..
you know your love is all I need to carry on..
Diamond rings an all those things they never sparkle like you smile brings
as for fame its all the same that never satisfies for just a while
I've heard it said after meny have wed.
all the gold wont heal a soul if you tumble to the ground
only love is all we ever needed, if i was your king for just one day...

Sunday, 10 February 2013

poem from my love

Thank you Jeffery for this amazing poem. Your are so sweet in my life. I love you dearly xxx

I wonder what you're doing
and how you're living life
what new things did you learn today
and how did you sleep last night
did you feel raindrops on your face
or sunshine in your eye
of all the questions left uknown
the biggest one is why
why can't we be together
why can't I watch you grow
why can't I guide you through this world
this I just don’t know
but I promise we'll be together
no matter how long it seems
just know your always in my heart
and always in my dreams Angel.